Monday, July 27, 2009

Flying Encounters

Yesterday I flew on an airplane - well, two airplanes to be exact - and I feel I must report the presence of an unticketed passenger. Who, you may ask, could possibly sneak past the gauntlet of security guards and x-ray machines? I'll tell you who: a fly.

With no regard for the law, the TSA or my personal comfort, the fly boarded the plane and settled in on my row for the duration of the flight. At first, I was extremely annoyed - I readily admit that I have yet to discover the beauty of God in this tiny creation of His - but after some thought, I began to feel sorry for the little fella. I mean, he was on a plane from California to Colorado. Leaving behind his fly family and all his fly friends. Not to mention the drastic temperature change I was certain would send his tiny body into shock.

On the other hand, maybe this was a planned escape. Maybe he had set out on a journey to make a new life for himself in the Rockies. Maybe he was tired of the hustle and bustle of California life, and was ready for some relaxtion and a sweet gig at a ski lodge.

OR maybe I really need to come up with better things to occupy my thoughts.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Shamelessness

Maybe I just got back from two weeks at camp - yes, I am actually an adult.

And maybe when I got back I found out my cards are now available for purchase online.

And maybe I am freaking out.

AND maybe you should look at them HERE.