Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall Encounters

I feel like everyone has fall fever. I mean everybody. They are either literally at home in bed trying to sweat out an actual fever, or driving around looking more closely at the changing leaves than the road in front of them.

Don't get me wrong, I love the autumnal equinox. I suffer from fall fever with the best of 'em, but as with anything else in life, it has it's drawbacks. For your reading pleasure, I present my list of fall pros and cons:

- LEAF CRUNCHING. I don't live on campus anymore, so this pastime is unfortunately more of a rarity these days, BUT crunching leaves under my shoes is one of my favorite things ever. Especially if the leaves are all curled up (kind of like a folded potato chip with air trapped in the middle). It's the best.
- Jeans. I love wearing jeans. They are just so multi-functional. Fall means I won't sweat up a storm when sporting my favorite pairs that are frayed just a little at the bottom. Ah, comfort.
- Warm drinks. Again, cooler weather makes enjoying hot beverages much more enjoyable. Pumpkin this and Cinnamon that, I love it all. As long as it doesn't taste too much like actual coffee. That stuff is gross.
- Football. Enough said.
- Walks. I love strolling without sweating. It's blissful.
- Jackets. Jackets are awesome. They can totally change your outfit. You can wear the same thing you wore yesterday but with a different jacket and most people won't even notice. Plus they usually have pockets, and pockets are pretty amazing.
- Scarfs. (Or is it scarves?) They keep your neck toasty, and just like their jacket friends, can totally change a get-up. I heart them very much.
- Chili and other fall foods.
- Fall means you are getting closer to Christmas.

- Allergies. Until the first freeze, my nose and I are not friends. Also, the top of my mouth itches. No bueno.
- With the drop in temperature, the water in my house takes forever to heat up. It's not the newest place and the really hot water only lasts for a few minutes when it's cold outside. Not so fun.
- Bye bye flip flops. My feet are claustrophobic, and fall means they have to get tucked into all sorts of closed-toe shoes. While I love my cute assortment of closed-toe flats, my feet much prefer the freedom of flip flops and bejeweled sandals.
- People start freaking out about the holidays. I love the holiday season. It's really grand. But every year the Ebenezer Scrooges of the world try to squelch my jolly spirits. Once fall arrives, they start in with their whining and worrying. It's exhausting.
- The drastic temperature difference between day and night can be quite frustrating. I refuse to turn on my heater because in the day it can be in the 70's, but at night it gets really frigid. My frugality wins out over my frozen toes, but a smaller 24 hour temperature range would be so much easier.
- Scarecrows. Don't like 'em.
- 19-year-old Trick-or-Treaters. Give. Me. A. Break.

And because I am a good Kappa, and good Kappas always end on a positive:

Fall reminds me of Manhattan and all the people there. And THAT makes me smile.