Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Switch Encounters

The light switches in our laundry room are out of sync and it's driving me crazy.

There are two of them: one by the door to the garage and one by the door that leads to the hallway. Currently the lights are off and one switch is up and the other is down. I can't get them to both be down when the lights are off.

Before you go judging me for the insignificant things that bug the begeezes out of me, let me attempt a list of explanations:

1. Everyone knows when a light switch is flipped up the lights are supposed to be on. That's not the case in our laundry room. Sometimes both switches are up and the lights are on, but that glory is short lived. Once you've transferred your colored clothes to the dryer and loaded up the whites, the switch imbalance returns.

2. They didn't used to be out of synch. I swear. They used to be perfect and normal.

3. Since I know they used to be normal, I feel like there's a riddle living in my house. It taunts me daily. "Figure it out, already!" it screams. "How did this happen?" "I bet a third grader would have this solved in a jiff." Riddle taunts are unbearable.

4. Every attempt to remedy the situation has failed. I have flipped the lights on and off a million times.

The only other thing I can think to try would be having another person join in the madness and try to flip the lights at the exact same time. This person will have to be someone other than my husband. I can already hear the 20 minute science lecture I would get if I tried to present my strategy. A lecture followed by laughter, mind you.

5. Yes, it's possible I have a number of psychological ailments. Thanks for asking.

6. Yes, I know there are real problems and struggles that deserve my attention and thought, but who wants to read a blog about those?

I will keep you posted, reader. If I am able to solve this puzzle, I will probably buy myself a gold star sticker or something else equally awesome and accomplishy.