Friday, February 5, 2010

Merry Men Encounters

We got a new office copier a few weeks ago.

The fact that this was big and exciting news makes me feel so old and trapped in corporate America - even though I'm really not that old and I don't work anywhere near corporate America.

Anyways, we got the new copier and this copy-wizard man came to train us and show us how to use it. So, there I was, standing with our secretary, our accountant and our deacon, listening to this copy guy give us the low down on the new machine. Totally boring, except for one thing: the copy guy kept referring to our deacon and our two priests (who were not present) as "friars."

He would say things like, "So, if Friar Jeremy wants to print something, all he has to do is..."

Over and over, it was "Friar this," and, "Friar that." I don't know why I was insanely amused by this. Maybe I was desperate for entertainment. Or maybe I was just giggling because even though I know what "Friar Jeremey" really looks like, I kept picturing this guy:

"Ooo de lolly, ooo de lolly, golly what a day..."