Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bold Encounters


What a funny thing. I mean, I have always been taught to be a confident woman. I don't know about you, but I can do anything I put my mind to. My mom told me so. And so did my grandma, and my aunt and my third grade teacher.

But, let's be honest, confidence is not always the missing ingredient when things aren't going so well in life. One must arguably have some kind of talent or skill to back up their confidence, otherwise you just look... well, stupid.

For example: I was recently walking through the streets of the Ann Arbor art fair, where artists from all over the country and the world showcase their talent with confidence. Instead of being that kid that took the time to appreciate every piece of artwork around me, I was that kid who spent most of the time appreciating the display of people around me.

One man in particular caught my attention. While he didn't have a booth at the fair, he was still able to secure a space to show off his talent. He had positioned himself on the sidewalk next to the porta-potties - we are talking some prime performance space - and he was dancing. Not just dancing, but dancing in a style similar to a style resembling a Michael Jackson dance. This guy was taking on the classics. We're talking "Thriller," "Billie Jean," you name it - he did it. The thing is, he didn't do them well. None of them. Not even close. I would usually never dream of criticizing a dancer - God gave all my rhythm to someone else - but this dude was seriously struggling.

There was one thing he had no problem with though: confidence. He danced like he was giving MJ himself a run for his money. He was there. He was dancing. And he was good - or at least he thought he was. It was incredible. It reminded me of those tone-deaf people who try out for American Idol and completely crumble when the judges suggest they aren't right for the show.

It's confidence gone awry, my friends, and I find it terribly entertaining.

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