Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Statistical Encounters

It seems as though there is an abundance of data out there. People study and record data on just about everything these days. You can look up studies on people, frequency of freak accidents, likelihood of yada yada yada AND so on and so forth. Chances are, if you've wonder about it, someone has studied it and conveniently cataloged their maybe-accurate findings and posted them on the internet.

Here's what I want to know: which stall do people choose when they use a public restroom and why?

This is a serious question. I checked the interwebs, and I'm not the first to inquire about such things. But most people merely polled their friends and posted their findings. They quote people like Vicki who say, "I choose the stall farthest from the door because it's usually the cleanest."

Interesting thought, Vicki.

I have this theory that personality type plays a significant role in the stall selection process.

Do type-A people usually make similar choices? "Second stall from the left. Every time."

What about only children? "Whichever one I want."

Or type-A people who go to the bathroom 7 times a morning? Do they always go to the same stall? What if it's taken? What then? The horror!

I don't know Vicki, so I have no idea how she fits in this picture, but I might know you.

So, you, what do you do?


  1. Well, I don't know that I always pick the same stall location-wise in public restrooms, but I can say that almost without fail, the first stall I pick is unusable, due to the previous person not flushing, or using the whole roll of toilet paper, at which point flushing does no good. Then I have to pick another stall. Ugh, public restrooms are so gross!

  2. In unknown bathrooms I always choose the first stall because I believe most people don't choose the first stall, and therefore it should be the cleanest. Thank you for raising this important question.

  3. There is an easy solution to all of this: don't use public restrooms. Execute all your bathroom needs before leaving private premises. This increases the chance of not needing to "go to the bathroom" (which you should write a post about that; is that at all we do? we just GO to the bathroom? what happens afterwards? the options are endless with this falsely common phrase, fellow ponderer) while in public places. And hey, an added benefit of the "Peyton P. (double entendre) Procedure" is no more of those 3 urinals/2 guys on either outside urinal situations. That's just ordering an "awkward sandwich" with a side of "they're already judging you". You're welcome.