Monday, July 15, 2013

Update encounters

Ok, so once again I fail at blogging.

Here's a post get you updated on my life (since I know you care):

- went to my high school reunion. Can't believe I'm old enough to have one of those. Had a great time and saw some wonderful people.
- unlike many of my classmates, I'm not pregnant. (I know someone was wondering. Everyone in coffee hour does.)
- survived VBS, PLC and countless other crazy activities.
- went to camp. Got awesome tan lines, little sleep, friendship bracelets and a marshmallow gun. (That's means everything was pretty much perfect)
- started caring about gardening. Maybe it actually is in the family genes.
- replaced a shower head all by myself.

God is good and life is busy!

Oh, and Mom and Sitti had a garage sale in which Sitti (who could sell you your right arm for a pretty penny)  tried to sell self tanning lotion to an African American woman.

Those are the most noteworthy things I can think of right now. Consider yourself updated.

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