Friday, January 8, 2010

Marital Encounters


Not really.

But everyone else I know is, and I thought the title of this post might confuse some people. So in typical Erin fashion, I would much rather perpetuate confusion than clear it up. My (not-so) sincere apologies.

Seriously though, I heard a story on the TODAY show yesterday (kinda fun to say, "Yesterday, on TODAY...") and it was about marriage. Exciting right? The thing about this story was that it was entitled, "Can Your Marriage Survive an Affair?"

Seriously. SERIOUSLY. What is the world coming to? Are we supposed to expect unfaithfulness in marriage now? This story didn't highlight ways to keep marriage healthy, or even how to prevent or discover cheating spouses, it was all about making sure your marriage could survive a cheating spouse. That's the goal, people. Your marriage is only healthy if it can survive an affair.

Color me old-fashioned, but I thought marriage was all about being with ONE person for the rest of your life. Maybe I'm living in a fairy tale, but when I hear the word marriage I think of things like commitment, faithfulness, promises, sacrifice...MONOGAMY.

Guess I should take my place in the knitting room with all the grannies and their rocking chairs, because this kid is officially disgusted by "where the world is heading."

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