Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rhythm Encounters

I have no rhythm.

Well, I have some, but it's not a very big portion. God gave most of my rhythm to someone else. (I feel like I've written that before....Ah, yes, here it is)

Despite my lack of innate rhythmic ability, I often find myself tapping my toes to the beat of whatever music I am listening to. I have even been known to do a little hand drumming on a desk or table from time to time. I once accidentally started tapping my foot to a song while I was driving my car, which proved to be very dangerous as I quickly discovered I am rhythmically right-footed as well as right-handed. I have found steering-wheel drumming is a much safer alternative when driving.

All that to say, I know what it's like when rhythm just kind of sneaks out of you. It needs an outlet. I'm even guilty of a little bit of quiet pew-drumming during church (where all the music is acapella). It just happens.

But I saw a boy the other day who opened the floodgates of his rhythm reservoir in his car. It was like watching a drumming maniac pilot the vehicle directly behind me on the highway.

He took rhythmic expression to a whole new level. We are talking a full steering-wheel drum set, complete with several imaginary symbols. Not to mention some intense headbanging.

With my recently confessed need for a rhythm release of my own, I must say I salute this young lad for keeping the beat.

BUT with my not so recent concern for personal safety and protection of my lovely car, I must say, "KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD, YOU DRUMMING LUNATIC."

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